In 1979 we partnered with 5AA to trial an Employment Information Line to answer questions and provide advice to unemployed young people and their families.

The telephone campaign was the first of its kind in South Australia and was a great opportunity to utilise the advertising and promotional skills of 5AA, with the youth specialist skills of SYC to support unemployed young people.

The project launched on 10 December 1979 and ran until 29 February 1980. There was a full promotional campaign in the lead up, including a press release to all South Australian media outlets, and 5AA ran a pre-launch radio campaign.

Staff and volunteers were busy answering the calls generated by the promotion and had to assign extra helpers to support them during this time.

SYC received hundreds of phone calls during the project. Young people made up 52 per cent of the calls and the remainder were mainly from concerned parents and care providers.

Enquiries included information regarding unemployment benefits, training and education, upskilling, career and vocational guidance, job opportunities etc. The callers also shared their personal experiences of unemployment including; depression, frustration, low self-esteem, family conflict, boredom etc.

The project was not only a great opportunity for SYC to partner with 5AA to support young people and families who called, but also allowed SYC to document specific issues generally affecting young unemployed people. These outcomes ultimately influenced the creation and content of general program delivery and individual support provided by case managers.