The first Australian version of the Prince’s Trust’s Get Into youth employment program wrapped up at the end of last month. We are happy to report that in total, 54 young people graduated from five different programs.

Not only was this the first time that Get Into has been run in Australia, the team also delivered the first ever Get Into Traffic Management program. Better yet, all 11 of those participants were offered employment.

Throughout the pilot project we developed programs that provide opportunities to young people in a diverse range of sectors; Get Into Child Care, Get Into Retail, Get Into Social Care and Get Into Traffic Management. In order to achieve this, we partnered with local employers including Hessel Group in the child care sector, Peregrine Corporation with their On the Run outlets in the retail sector, ECH in the aged care sector and Altus in the traffic management sector.

Last month, a ceremony was held at Government House to celebrate the achievements of the participants and acknowledge the contributions of the local employers who took part in the pilot. The event was attended by participants and employers, along with representatives from SYC, Prince’s Trust International (PTI) and Prince’s Trust Australia (PTA).

A number of participants have already received job offers and some have plans to gain further related qualifications. Even those who were not offered positions have gained skills and knowledge which will help them when applying for jobs in the future.

SYC would like to thank Maddy Kavanagh who came out to Australia from the Prince’s Trust International (PTI) in January, to help us run the pilot. Maddy has been instrumental in the delivery of the pilot programs and we are extremely grateful for her support. We would also like to thank PTI and PCA for their support in getting this program to Australia.

PTI chose SYC as its partner to introduce the Get Into program in Australia with additional funding provided by PTA.

SYC, PTI and PTA look forward to rolling out more pilot programs across Australia towards the end of 2017.