1. Your physical appearance

Dressing well shows the employer you are taking them seriously. It can also help you feel more confident and professional.

Are you wearing clean and neat clothes? Is your hair brushed?

Dress up rather than down. If it’s a conservative office job, consider covering up tattoos or removing piercings. Research the employer before your interview so you know how they expect you to dress. If you aren’t sure what to wear play it safe with neat attire.

Dress for the employer you want to work for. What you wear helps the employer visualise you in the job and the company by wearing the quality clothing you can be expected to wear if hired. See how other successful people in this and similar positions dress. Your goal is to make the employer think ‘This person looks as If they would fit in well.’

2. Body Language

Positive body language can show the employer that you are genuinely interested in meeting with them. Are you smiling? Making eye contact? Is your posture good? Think about looking calm, confident and positive, even if you’re not feeling that way.

3. Waiting for the employer

You should plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your interview time. This shows you are reliable, and you won’t feel so rushed when you start the interview. When you arrive, you may be asked to wait until the manager is ready for you.

What are you doing during this time? Now isn’t the time to be watching videos on your phone or making a call. Take some time to observe the space you’re in and the other people working there.

Your phone can wait until after you leave the interview. Instead search for some resources around you that you could read, for example if you are at a restaurant, is there a drinks menu you could read? Or a food menu? Are you applying for an admin position? There might be some magazines or company information you could read – or just simply wait.

4. How you speak and get along with others

During your interview or before you may come in contact with some of the other staff members that work there. For example you may be greeted by someone when you first walk in the door, or someone may offer you a coffee or glass of water.

Are you being friendly and polite to everyone you meet? This can show an employer how well you interact with others around you. This can also show them how you fit into their workplace.

Turn off your phone or put it on silent. You do not want your interview interrupted. If you have forgotten and it does make a noise, simply apologise quickly and put it on silent.

5. Your online profile

Many employers will check your social media after receiving your application.

Your online profile might say a lot about you. You may be well dressed and polite in your interview but if this is not reflected in your online profiles, your employer may be second guessing your application.

An easy solution is to make your profile private, including all your posts. Your employer does not need to know what you get up to on the weekend. Make sure your profile picture is sensible with a simple picture of yourself, or it maybe with friends.


Your employment consultant can also help you prepare and practice for an interview. You can contact us if you would like support to land your next job.