This year Di Cooper is celebrating 21 years at SYC and enjoys her role in Trace A Place today as much as she did the day she began.

During her time she has seen the organisation grow significantly and the programs evolve to better support client’s needs and their long-term wellbeing.

Her love of her job, her colleagues and the array of clients she meets daily keeps her enthusiasm and passion for her role alive.

“When I started with SYC at 80 Currie Street, there were only five or six staff in Trace A Place and I have watched it grow and change over the years,” Di said.

“It’s a great organisation to work for and the staff are fantastic. We always have a laugh together and poke a bit of fun at each other too. I love meeting the young people coming in and having a chat with them and seeing them get the help they need,” she said.

Over the years Di has greeted thousands of young people at Trace A Place’s reception and being a friendly face and support to them during a challenging time in their lives. Clients provide an array of positive feedback about meeting Di, which always includes her friendliness, kindness and her non-judgmental manner.

“When you are going through a hard time, coming in to Trace A Place and seeing Di’s smiling face was really comforting,” said ex TAP client Terence.

“She would always have a chat with me and see how I was going, which meant a lot at that time. She genuinely cares about the young people coming in and doesn’t judge them at all,” he said.

In 2016 Di was presented with the SYC Lifetime Supporter Award in recognition of her dedicated service, commitment and loyalty to the organisation. Thanks for your hard work and commitment to SYC Di, we hope you are going to stay for another 21 years!