In 2014, our Christmas Giving Tree went digital, with an option for donations to be made online through the HYPA website, along with traditional gift donations. No matter where you are, or how busy you might be, donating to the HYPA Christmas Giving Tree was only a few clicks away.

In total, $2,350 was donated via the website, and an abundance of gifts were placed under our HYPA Christmas Giving Tree at our Currie Street head office. These donations enabled HYPA to provide a wide variety of presents to the young people accessing their services.

Gemma, an eighteen year old originally from New South Wales was presented with a bus ticket to return home to her birth family in time for Christmas. She is now permanently living in New South Wales, and would have been unable to reconnect with her family without assistance from our HYPA Christmas Giving Tree.

Once again we received a generous number of gift donations. HYPA was selected as Behind Closed Doors charity of choice for Christmas 2014, through this partnership alone we received over 30 gift donations.

We also received generous support and donations from within our organisation. Job Prospects Mount Gambier raised $380 which was spent on presents for HYPA’s clients in Mount Gambier and the South East region. Training Prospects raised $300 which they used to purchase an assortment of presents for the HYPA Christmas Giving Tree.

According to Rebekha Sharkie, Head of Donor Relations, “in 2014 we were able to give most of the young people accessing our services a Christmas present, which is really great to see.”

It is fantastic to see such tremendous support for our HYPA Christmas Giving Tree, both externally and internally. Thank you to everyone who purchased gift/s or donated to the HYPA Christmas Giving Tree.


Gemma, recipient of a bus ticket to New South Wales