Over 100 redundant manufacturing workers in Victoria have received training and started new roles since November 2017, thanks to the efforts of Job Prospects.

Nic Jarvis, Regional Manager for Job Prospects said with the downturn of the local manufacturing Industry his team have seen a large influx of skilled workers looking for employment.

Many of these job seekers have been employed by the same organisation for a long period of time and transitioning into a new industry and role proves to be a challenging experience.

“To find the best outcomes for groups of redundant workers we’ve had to be proactive in finding suitable opportunities when and before they happen. This involves engaging with businesses that are opening, expanding, reaching out to recruiters and generally growing our existing stakeholder networks.

“It’s great to see successful outcomes for over 100 people who were made redundant – and also to acknowledge our business development strategies are proving successful,” he said.

Peter Baird came to Job Prospects with many of his peers when their employer Toyota Tsusho Steel Centre stopped manufacturing in their Altona Plant in late 2017.

Peter had worked with Toyata Tsusho Steel for 9 years as State Operations Manager and as part of the company’s relocation program, Job Prospects was engaged to help transition the staff into new roles.

“As part of our relocation program 100% of the redundant workers found work,” Peter said.

“Job Prospects found me a position as General Manager at a caravan business along with 2 of my colleagues, which is a great role.

“I found them to be very supportive of my needs during the transition between jobs and I have since used them for recruitment in the caravan business,” he said.


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