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Childsafe Organisation

SYC is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of children and young people at all times during their involvement with our services.

SYC strives to create a safe and caring environment whereby children and young people feel safe, comfortable and confident in reporting any incident or conduct which is, or which may lead to, abuse or neglect of themselves or others.

Our employees are trained to recognise, respond to and report suspected cases of abuse and neglect; and are encouraged to develop mutually respectful relationships.

Health & Safety

SYC recognises that the health and safety of all employees is a moral, social and legal responsibility. To fulfil this responsibility we have a duty to provide and maintain, so far as is practicable, a work environment that is safe and without risks to health.

Our Vision

To strive for “No Harm” to all

Our Goals

  • To continuously improve our safety practices to ensure the highest standards are achieved
  • To encourage all employees to be safety leaders
  • To comply with all Work Health and Safety legislation and regulations that apply to our organisation
  • To achieve Safety Management System Certification (AS/NZS: 4801 : 2001)
  • In accordance with Work Health and Safety legislation, all employees at SYC have health and safety training as part of their induction and ongoing employment.

Click HERE to review the SYC Health and Safety Policy

Privacy Policy
SYC is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information entrusted to it by its clients, customers, potential employees, employees, volunteers and students on placement.

Please review the full SYC Privacy Policy here

Complaints and Feedback Policy
SYC values complaints, appeals and feedback as an opportunity to learn and improve on the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of its services. SYC takes all complaints, appeals or feedback seriously and manages them in a timely, transparent and meaningful way.

Please review the SYC Complaints and Feedback Policy here.