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Event News

HYPA Boileau 2017 Gala Quiz Night – Our Biggest Yet!

Apr 4, 2017

HYPA Conquers Adelaide with Amazing Race

Nov 14, 2016

One mean feat (or is that foot?) breaks Guinness World Records™ title!

Oct 27, 2016

HYPA SCS Corporate Golf Day a Hole in One

Jul 14, 2016

Job Prospects takes Melbourne Employers on an adventure

Jun 30, 2016

2016 HYPA Boileau Gala Quiz Night

May 3, 2016

Long serving SYC staff members recognised with award

Apr 1, 2016

HYPA Corporate Golf Day

Jul 17, 2015

HYPA Boileau Quiz Night 2015

Apr 12, 2015

HYPA Active Health and Wellbeing Carnival 2015

Feb 2, 2015

#Team HYPA Runs City to Bay 2014

Sep 25, 2014

HYPA lights up Light Square for National Youth Week

Apr 28, 2014

HYPA Boileau Quiz Night 2014

Feb 22, 2014

Official Opening of the SYC & HYPA Premises 2013

Jul 23, 2013


New website coming soon.

SYC and our other brands, Job Prospects and HYPA, will soon be on the same website. Our services haven’t changed, we’re just bringing them all together in one handy location.