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More than #TwoFeet support #TeamHYPA at the 2017 City-Bay

  • Sep 20, 2017
We were thrilled to have such a wonderful turnout by #TeamHYPA for the spring-welcoming Adelaide City-Bay last Sunday.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the team from EY Adelaide who made the whole event possible (and clocked some amazing sub-60 times!).

Among #TeamHYPA were nearly 70 staff members, friends and HYPA supporters. We were also joined by some special guests from HYPA Housing, our Youth Leadership Team and the BOLT program. Just like last year, we celebrated the end of the race with a delicious Breakfast BBQ cooked by our wonderful volunteers.

The event was a celebration of community (and exercise) and #TeamHYPA looked very snazzy decked out in #TwoFeet socks and bright green t-shirts, designed and printed by our own BOLT students. Everyone enjoyed hanging around for a sausage in bread and a chat about race finish times (for the competitive few) and the last minute energy drink also went down a treat.

The success of this day would not have been possible without the generous donations from Woolworths Harbour Town, Bakers Delight, Metropolitan Fresh Fruiterers Unley and Fresh Cut Butchers. We would also like to thank the AccessPay squad for their substantial contribution to our fundraising cause.

Once again, our fundraising cause was the HYPA Breakfast Club. This initiative provides nutritious food to young people who would otherwise go without breakfast and quite possibly other meals throughout their day. The space also provides young people with access to bathroom and shower facilities, internet, HYPA case management, and the opportunity to connect with others.

We are pleased to announce we raised enough money to provide over 450 breakfasts, which will make a significant difference to the mornings of many of our young people. Another huge thank you goes out to our top fundraiser Kristen Frost who raised a whopping $470!

All in all, #TeamHYPA was a force to be reckoned with at the 2017 City-Bay and we are very grateful for the generous contributions of time and donations.


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