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HYPA Volunteers

At SYC we understand that volunteers are one of the most important resources community organisations have, enabling increased scope for organisations to meet the needs of those they help and serve.

HYPA (Helping Young People Achieve) Volunteers form an integral part of SYC’s services for young people, providing valuable group and ‘one-to-one’ support. Volunteers assist SYC in administration areas and by providing specialist advice and skills for young people.  Volunteers also help young people gain their provisional licence (their “P”s) by being available for supervised driving in HYPA vehicles so that young people can reach their 75 hour supervised driving obligation.

HYPA Volunteers are adults of all ages and come from many diverse backgrounds.  We have many volunteering opportunities, ranging from a few hours every now and then to several hours each week, so talk to us if you would like to help young people achieve.

How does volunteering help?

Many of the disadvantaged and vulnerable young people who access our services have learning difficulties, mental health problems and few basic life skills. Many also lack a stable adult role model.  HYPA Volunteers help to fill this gap.

Some HYPA Volunteers assist young people to acquire literacy and numeracy skills, job search and build social skills by volunteering as 1 to 1 mentors with young people, supporting them to feel more self confident, try new things, improve communication skills, re-engage with school or training and seek employment.  While the focus is on practical assistance, all volunteers working with young people also provide emotional support to a young person by listening and encouraging them to believe in themselves.

Where can I volunteer?

HYPA Volunteers help young people achieve in metropolitan and regional South Australia.

If you require more information or are interested in becoming a volunteer please click here


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