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Focus Areas



Helping our clients to gain and sustain employment in all its forms.

SYC’s focus on Working involves programs and services offered by two of its divisions, Job Prospects and HYPA, along with another initiative called My First Job.

Job Prospects

Job Prospects is a leading jobactive and Disability Employment Services-Employment Support Service (DES-ESS) provider, offering employment services to job seekers and recruitment assistance for employers. With 45 sites across South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, Job Prospects places thousands of job seekers into work each year.

For more information, visit the Job Prospects website.


HYPA offers programs and services aimed at assisting young people to find meaningful work. These include:

  • Therapeutic Support Team
  • Launch

HYPA Works (Powered by iiNet Business) is a youth employment hub created by SYC. It involves a collection of initiatives that are all designed to help young people get into the workforce. Some of the current HYPA Works initiatives are:

For full details on each of these HYPA programs, please visit the HYPA website.

My First Job

My First Job is an SYC initiative that recognises the changing landscape for young people seeking their first ‘real’ job. As employers (Government included) increasingly opt for employees who have at least two years’ experience, it has become increasingly difficult for young people to actually get those two years’ experience, particularly in their chosen field or career.

My First Job aims to establish supports for young people in their transition from learning to working. It advocates for greater awareness of the difficulties young people face in gaining entry level employment and of the impact of youth unemployment on Australia’s economic health.

For more details, please visit the My First Job Website.



New website coming soon.

SYC and our other brands, Job Prospects and HYPA, will soon be on the same website. Our services haven’t changed, we’re just bringing them all together in one handy location.