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Working for SYC

Established in 1958 with a clear mandate to support disadvantaged young people in Adelaide, SYC has literally helped three generations of people to find a safe place to sleep, develop new skills, gain and sustain employment, finish school and reconnect with their families. Today SYC operates in four States and offers services to Australians of all ages who are experiencing vulnerability or disadvantage.

Our growth as an organisation is testament to the great people we have working here. Our ability to attract high quality professionals across all our operations is key to our success to date and into the future. SYC employees enjoy a sense of doing something meaningful, whatever their role, as they each know that by doing their job they are contributing to the great work SYC does.

SYC’s culture and working environment reflects Our Purpose. Our employees are focused and passionate about helping people in need, collectively creating a culture of high performance, warmth, compassion, tolerance and understanding.

Working for SYC

SYC’s commitment to achieving Our Purpose is consistent with the commitment and desire to see all employees achieve their potential, feel confident and fulfilled in their roles and be rewarded and recognised for their contribution. There are many benefits offered to SYC employees, including:

Salary packaging

As a charity and a Public Benevolent Institution, SYC is able to offer employees attractive salary packaging options. Salary packaging allows employees access to tax free benefits which may effectively increase their take home pay. Employees can tailor their benefits package to suit their personal preferences and priorities.

SYC’s Employee Referral Scheme rewards employees

*SYC Staff Survey 2014

Supporting and encouraging Diversity

At SYC we are proud of our diverse workforce and are committed to supporting cultural diversity, gender equity and equal opportunity for all our employees irrespective of background, creed or race. Employee training and professional development initiatives at SYC promote inclusiveness and raise awareness of the value of diversity in the workplace, helping us to attract and retain employees from a broad cross section of cultural backgrounds. This in turn enhances the scope and quality of the service we provide to our client base, which is also very diverse.

Commitment to professional development for all employees

SYC is committed to helping and supporting its employees to grow and develop professionally. We provide ongoing training and career advancement opportunities to all employees with the view to helping them be successful in their role and to develop their own pathway to the role(s) they aspire to. SYC also offers a number of management and leadership development opportunities.

Employee Assistance Program – Supporting employees when they need it

SYC understands that sometimes an employee’s personal life may involve challenges and upsets that can impact on their family and working world. The SYC Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides free, confidential counselling to eligible employees to help them through these challenging times.

Employee Referral Scheme

SYC’s Employee Referral Scheme rewards employees who refer talented people who subsequently secure a position with SYC. This encourages employees to actively help SYC find and attract people who represent a good match with its culture, purpose and skill requirements.

SYC’s Employee Referral Scheme rewards employees

Discounted Corporate Private Health Cover

SYC has teamed up with leading private health insurance provider Bupa to offer SYC employees access to discounted private health cover.

Promoting Work Life Balance

SYC recognises that a healthy work life balance is essential to the long term wellbeing of our employees, which we support by:

  • More Personal Leave

SYC provides employees with 12 days (rather than the National Employment Standards allowance of 10 days) of personal leave which covers sick leave and carer’s leave.

  • Loyalty Leave

SYC rewards loyalty by offering an additional five days leave per annum to employees after they have worked for SYC continuously for two years. This means that employees who stay with SYC for two or more years have access to a standard 5 weeks leave per annum.

At SYC we are proud of our diverse workforce

*SYC Staff Survey 2014

  • Extra Annual Leave at 1⁄2 pay

SYC employees can request to take five or ten days annual leave at half pay, potentially maximising the available annual leave to six weeks. If combined with the extra week from Loyalty Leave, it can allow employees to take up to seven weeks of leave per annum.


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