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What is ParentsNext?

As a ParentsNext provider, we work with parents to help them identify their education and employment goals, develop a plan to achieve their goals and connect them to local activities and services that further support their efforts.

We aim to:

  • Help parents decide what they want for their future and start planning to achieve it
  • Provide links to the community to support parents to enter the workforce
  • Help build stronger communities

In addition, parents can also receive guidance on increasing their qualifications, identify and address personal challenges to gaining employment, gain access to child care assistance and develop new skills that enhance employment prospects.

Our goal is to ensure that all participants have an individual Participation Plan in place and are working towards, or have started training, study or work.

For full details of our service commitment to participants, please download our Service Delivery Plan.


New website coming soon.

SYC and our other brands, Job Prospects and HYPA, will soon be on the same website. Our services haven’t changed, we’re just bringing them all together in one handy location.