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About Us


SYC is a not-for-profit organisation centred on employment, training and youth services. With a core purpose to positively affect the lives of people in need, last year SYC helped more than 61,000 people in the areas of Home, Wellbeing, Learning and Working.

We operate out of several different brands:

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HYPA, standing for Helping Young People Achieve, provides a wide range of support to young people to find and harness their talent for a positive future. It has supported many thousands of young people since its inception in September 1958, helping them to access and maintain safe and appropriate accommodation, to reconnect with family, school, employment and the community.


   SYC Ltd. is a registered charity with the ACNC.

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Job Prospects is a leading jobactive and Disability Employment Services – Employment Support Service (DES-ESS) provider that works with jobseekers to gain and sustain employment and with employers to recruit and maintain their workforce. Job Prospects offers specialist services in disability, homelessness and youth and overall provided services to more than 47,700 people of all ages last year.


SYC Strategic Plan 2.0wards 2018

SYC Strategic Plan 2.0wards 2018

Show Your Colours was originally released in 2011/2012 and is the strategic framework for SYC to achieve Our Purpose. The aspiration to extend and deepen SYC’s services remains today – with strong progress made across the five strategic priorities.

In this update, a sixth priority has been added to reflect that by working with others, SYC can help people more and help more people.

The SYC Strategic Plan 2.0wards 2018 entails the following six strategic priorities:


Delivering our reach and impact nationally is key to SYC helping people more and helping more people.


Developing and delivering innovative client and management practices means continuously challenging the way SYC operates and delivers services to clients.


SYC will champion conversation around how more people in Australia can experience stability and prosperity in their lives.

Technology & Connectivity

Developing and supporting technology and connectivity will help SYC become increasingly effective.


Through positively influencing government, business and the community, SYC will achieve better outcomes for the people the organisation supports each and every day.


Connecting, collaborating and partnering with like-minded organisations and individuals can help SYC to gain the best possible outcome for both SYC and the people the organisation supports.

For the full plan, please click here.



New website coming soon.

SYC and our other brands, Job Prospects and HYPA, will soon be on the same website. Our services haven’t changed, we’re just bringing them all together in one handy location.